The Pain I Suffer Now, I Trust Will Be Worth It In The End.

I'm 17 and my boyfriend is currently stationed at a base in Turkey and he's working security forces. Many people may call me crazy, but he is the only guy i've ever loved and i can't let go of someone that special. It scares me the most that he's working in security forces because he has to guard certain things and he can be in harm if somebody decides to try to attack those items he's guarding. He's only been in Turkey for almost a year and he transfers to Germany next May. I've had a few breakdowns myself... but the other night we were on Skype and he started to say negative things like.. "I know something bad is gonna happen to us, because it's gonna get so hard for you." and i kept asking myself, "Why is he saying this? I don't ever want to leave him." And he started talking about what if something happens to him.. he's in a real dangerous spot.. and blah blah. And all i wanted to do was slap him in the face and say i will NEVER take the easy way out; i will stick with you through thick and thin. We both started to cry together. And for him to cry in front of me, meant so much to me. I knew he cared a lot. Everyday i go through the day thinking "Welp, dont need my cellphone. I'm not texting anybody." It's a 7 hour time difference from where i am. And for you girlfriends & boyfriends out there, if you guys text 24/7, you better be GRATEFUL for that. I stay up till midnight every night so i can talk to him for a few hours before i go to bed. I wake up early almost every morning so i can talk to him just for a little bit. I'm grateful that i even get that. I just wanna know, to all the couples out there who have made it, is the pain worth being together in the end? I also personalized a dog tag set, it says "together forever, never apart, maybe in distance; but never in heart. " and i put the date we got together on it. I have a necklace that i wear everyday to remind myself to stay strong. And i sent him a dog tag for his bag or to hold onto and keep with him.
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2 Responses Jul 1, 2012

you're very strong. i have to be apart from my boyfriend for 5.5 months, i can't imagine what you're going through. just stay strong. if you've made it through this together so far, your love for each other can easily last a lifetime.

thank you :) I'm trying to be strong because i know what we have, i cant find with anyone else.

I too , got dog tags with the date we got together . And I'm so glad you want to be with him through it all . & I have been best friends with Jon for 8 years and then we started dating and I knew that he wanted the army more than anything when we got together . & I will stick with him through thick & thin even if I can't see him for years . I love him .

i completely agree. It's always so weird cause he always thinks im gonna leave him? Why leave the best thing that has ever happened to me? But i love the dog tags because it gives me something to remind me of him.

Jon also thinks I'm going to leave him . I'm not sure why , but he writes to me and his parents makin sure I won't leave him . I miss him like crazy & it's been a week now . But i know I can get through it .