Me And Colin

We have been dating a little over a year and he left for boot camp about two weeks ago. It's really hard being without him and I'd like to talk to others about it.
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Hey Girl! Well it's all just begun, and it's a long road from here on out. But you can make it just fine. It's tough when you have to be away from them for sure. But it's worth all the struggles in the end. Just focus on the here and now. And try to be his encouragement while he goes through basic/ait. Pretty much just have to be their best friend through it all. And you have a big support group here. Were all either going through the same thing. Or have already experienced it. But I'm here if you ever need someone to talk too. My name is Rita. And My Boyfriend has already been through basic and a long deployment, and is at ba<x>se now.(He's in the Army). We live states away from eachother, and I won't be able to see him for about 5-7 months! It's super tough I have my down days sometimes. But always pull through it! A lot of people will try and get in the way• just only because they don't understand it. But anything is possible if you make it that way. So chin up girl. You can make it, just stay strong!

Have you gotten your first letter yet? and where did he go to boot camp?