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When Cameron my Marine and I first met he didnt like me at all. I was trying to freak him out and think i was crazy. Well i proved this to him. hahhha. But when i was sitting in the back seat of my friends car with him next to me..something hit. I knew i wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. He got out of the car for some reason i forgot. I look at my friend in the front seat and said." Your friend and i are going to end up dating just wait and see."

The day he told me that he was joining the Military my heart dropped. I didnt know what to think or what to do. His brother and father are in the Army. I knew he was thinking about it but i didnt know he was serious. I remember sitting in his car crying as he told me. I was worried and freaked out for his safety.

I have been with him from the Boot Camp to him now being across the world. And its sooo hard and so difficult at times but something about him and i are just made for each other. I couldnt see myself with anyone else. Its hard with him being gone but i never been so proud and loved someone as much as i do him. He means the world and more to me. He is my heart and soul.

Maybe one day Him and I will get engaged and start our life together. We have been together almost 2 1/2 years now and im so happy. Words cant even say how happy i am with him.

He may drive me crazy and make jokes and what not. But thats who i feel in love with. Some people cant do what i do and im sooo glad that i learned that i could. I stand by my Marine. FOREVER AND ALWAYS.
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Thanks :] We try and be strong its hard some days and easy and time goes by fast others.

That's a wonderful love story, and so happy for you both that you have a good thing. And people will always talk and say bad things about military relationships but its only because they truly dont understand it. I am thankful for mine as well, its super tough at times but is so worth it all when you truly care for eachother. Like Nicholas sparks said: "Nothing worthwhile is ever easy, but it worth it". I look up to couples like y'all and give a thumbs up for making it through all you have! :)