My boyfriend is deploying tonight and I am not there to kiss him goodbye :( He and I knew each other for awhile before we started dating because he is stationed in Little Rock and I live in Texas, but one weekend his sister (one of my best friends and the way we originally met) invited me to their cousin's wedding and he asked me to be his date. we've been together ever since and i am completely head over heels for him. he is deploying to Afghanistan for 6 months tonight and i cant be there to say goodbye because im in school. it breaks my heart that he has to go, but i am so proud of him and i am completely committed to making this work, even when he comes back and we are still long distance. i have some wonderful friends and family to support me (including his sister), but i dont really know anyone who is in the same situation that im in and a little empathy (someone who understands because they are going through the same thing) would go a long way right now. ive never done this before and it scares me, but i will be there for him while he's gone and i WILL be waiting when he gets back.
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My man is going out there too (British soldier) not sure what I am going to do with myself but once I've stopped crying I've joined a running club (never ran before in my life) so that when he comes home he will be dazzled my the new fitter me! I might even enjoy it too! Stay positive girls! :-)

My boyfriend deployed tonight too. We'll make it through! Stay positive and busy.

Whats is MOS ??.6 months is great . I've talked to go girls who have husbands/boyfriends deployed fo a year and up.

he's an air force pilot. they have short deployments to keep the air crew 'fresh'.