Who Is Left To Talk To?

My parents have basically just had a huge go at me saying i have no motivation and am just waiting around for my partner to get home. I have just got into Law school for goodness sake! Long story short my parents have always made me feel as if i was never good enough and like a massive disappointment. Luckily i live with my boyfriend now, so i dont neccessarily have to see them. The only problem is right now im feeling so down, to the point ive thought about my own life but its just thoughts , who can i talk to when i've nobody left? I can't tell me boyfriend while he's on deployment because i don't want to worry him, or bore him with my sorrows. I want to distant myself from my parents now as i've had enough. My best friend lives a while away so i cant talk to her, and my other closest friend spends every waking minute with her boyfriend. This is so hard and i just feel as if im going to cave in :(

Rant over, thanks for reading.
JasminRia JasminRia
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Gosh thats awful and I feel you. My boyfriend is gone I can't even cook for myself I am so sad. I do know I telly my boyfriend how I feel when I am upset still. He says even though he isn't here he still wants to know whats going on with me he doesn't want me to sugar coat stuff. It really takes the weight off especially since no matter what they say they worry. A boyfriend is like a best friend too. And your parents should be more understanding. The last thing anyone needs is to be put down when we are going through what we are going through

My boyfriends dont even listen to me when i talk about my boyfriend. I honestly dont think they understand what i feel. So i just leave it alone and dont bring michael up unless they ask. But girl i know what you're going through. Seems like no one understands you. And allmy friends have thier boyfriends they see everyday, so i dont even bother asking them. Keep in there girl and need any advice im here

Parents can be difficult to say the least! My parents weren't very supportive when I told them about my boyfriend being in the military (which I found silly since my Dad was the same class and everything as my boyfriend). We argued a lot about it, because they felt I was wasting my time waiting for a skype call or message that may never come. But there was one skype call where my mom came in the room cause she had heard me laughing, and she got to see my boyfriend and say hello to him. After that she kinda backed off about it. I think she realized that he genuinly made me happy and he wasn't some random creep (since they didn't get to meet him before he deployed). I try not to talk about him around my dad too much cause I honestly don't need their approval so I don't even look for it....It's been about a month now since he deployed and now my mom get's just as excited as me when I get ready to send him letters and carepackages lol :P I think it's one of those things that you just have to be happy and everyone else is likely to follow..but if they don't you have to realize YOU still are :)

I know the feeling, my family constantly tell me I'm too young & I'm waisting my life away waiting & I should be out living my life unconserned with a relationship. The problem with that is, he is my life. I can also retate to havng no one to talk to, my close friends have all left for college & even if they were here they wouldn't really understand because they're not in our shoes.

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