Frustrated And Down

he finally got a chance to skype with me for the first time since he left and i couldnt because i was at work. i feel terrible. i know he understands, but its so frustrating with the time difference and the fact that, since i work at a bar until 2am, when im getting off work he's in the middle of his day and really busy. he said he can talk to me before he goes to bed, but i might be at work again by then!! just feeling really powerless and frustrated and really really lonely right now.
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2 Responses Sep 8, 2012

he's deployed in afghanistan. it's a 9 and 1/2 hour time difference :(

Oh! My friend's over there too, it's not as stressful since he's just a friend, but that has to be tough! Are there days that you maybe don't have to work and y'all could make those your "skype date days" :)

my work schedule changes every week. i get one day off a week from work and school, so hopefully we can establish a routine, but this week sucks.

I completely understand that! I'm in college, and have classes monday through friday, and then I work Saturday and Sunday. Luckily my Tuesdays & Thursdays I only have two classes so I can get home or too a quite spot on campus and talk to him at a reasonable time for both of us! lol The schedule thing is what kind of keeps me calm I guess. Knowing that on a certain day I'll get to hear from him or that at a certain time I'll get a good morning message. There are obviously times when it doesn't work out that way but that's the military I guess! lol My dad used to always say that if the military wanted a soldier to have a girlfriend they would have issued him one :P

Aww, I'm so sorry girl :( Is he on deployment or at training? My boyfriend and have similar problems because of the 6 hour time difference, he has to stay up super late to talk to me by the time I get out of classes or I have to stay up till midnight just to get a "good morning, I'm on my way to work, love you" message! <br />
I know this may sound silly, but whenever I feel lonely and just wish that he was here I write him a letter about my day and send it to him. It makes him laugh cause it's basically just a letter about nothing that sounds something like (I got up at 6am went to class, and this girl sat in my seat, so I had to sit in the 3rd row and then I went to the next class, and the professor has a weird speech issue so I couldn't understand...) It seems silly, but just writing down all the details of my day that I wish he were here to see makes me feel like he's here. And it makes him happy cause the little things are what he says he misses! <br />
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If you ever need to talk you can send me a message, there's power in numbers :)