Care Packages!!

Hey Ladies!!

So deployment can be such a drag....seriously, I think I spend the majority of my time wishing my soldier was here with me and thinking how it sucks that he's not, and how he can't do this, and I can't do let's just take a second to look at something that's not so terrible...maybe even kind Are we allowed to have that while our soldiers are away? The answer is YES!!!
Care packages are probably my favorite thing to do for my friends and my boyfriend while they're deployed! It gives me a chance to have a smile on my face, and it gives them a little something from home and a little bit of encouragment that they aren't being forgotten. I recently sent two out, my boyfriend's first, and my friend's second! (No I don't send my friend more care packages, he's just been deployed longer lol). So they had both been complaining about how bored they were and how they wish they had brought some more dvds and things to do, and how the chow hall sucks and they wish they had some snacks....yeah...they were playing right into my game :P
So I came up with a "Movie Night Boredom Pack" here's a list of the stuff I sent (each one had a little bit that the other one didn't so they both didn't get all of this.
1) CANDY CANDY CANDY (98 cents a box)
2)DVDS (Out of the $5 bin at walmart) (Good ones though)
3)Popcorn Bowls (3 to a box $2)
4) Pack of Cracker Jacks (3 stuck together 98 cents for all three)
5)A small Nerf Gun ($10)
6) Extra Nerf Bullets ($4)
7) Water Guns ($1)
8) Glow stick Swords ($1)
9) Hot Wheels Car (98 cents)
10) Water Balloons ($1)
11) Pack of cards ($1)
12) Ritz Snack Packs (Which I packed into a tupperware container that he can use later)
13) Pringles Snack Packs (Couple different flavors that I've dispersed throughout the care packages)

After I played tetris trying to fit all these things in a flat rate box (college girl on a budget) I filled the extra bit with candy (bought a bag of various types from walmart, kinda like you get around Halloween time) I'll attatch some pics of the final product :D

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So cute thanks for the great ideas!

Thank you!! And no problem :)

how did you decorate the insides of the boxes? it looks adorable!

Thank you!!! I cut & taped scrapbook type paper onto the flaps, and then I had some letter stickers that I used for the little sayings. The hands were actually something I saw on pinterest! I'll put the link at the bottom if you want to take a look!! I think decorating the box is one of my favorite parts :D It was super fun & easy too!!