i finally got to skype with him! it was the best feeling ever :) just to be able to see his face (and his shaved and hear his voice did wonders for me. ive already sent him two letters and im making brownies tonight to send over. all the frustration and worry of the last few days was worth it to get to talk to him and i almost cried. hang in there ladies! this is what it's all about, just being there when he needs you :)
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I wish I could Skype! That would be heaven!

You go girl!! Tell me how the brownies go! (I'm trying to figure out the best way to send baked goods over) lol :P And you are so strong girl you have no idea! Keep up the good work!!!

they are actually port brownies. if you go buy port wine and use it instead of water in a brownie recipe it's really delicious and all the alcohol bakes out so they wont get in trouble ;) ill let you know how it goes and if they make it over there ok!

Oooh yum!! My boyfriend would probably send me a ring if I sent him something like that lol :P He hasn't had my cooking I'm a little hesitant for his first taste to be around a week and a half old (cause thats how long so far it seems to take to get there lol!)

ill also try to find a recipe for my mom's high altitude cookies. she used to bake them for me up in colorado and then send them to indiana and they were still just as good. they seem to travel well.

They sound perfect!!! :)

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