Too Young For Marriage?

So my boyfriend and I have been talking a lot about marriage the last month... We decided that we are going to get married fall of next year a little after he gets back from deployment. I can say that I have never been so sure of anything in my life. I know I want to be with him. He treats me like a princess. I understand where people are coming from when they say we shouldn't get married. By that time I will be 19 and he will be 20. I just cant help but feel that both of us are very mature. He has become a really responsible man since he joined the marines. And I feel like if we can make it through this, we can make it through anything. I want to fight the odds and show all of the people who have doubted, that what we have is real. It;s just unfortuante that not everyone will be as excited as i am. Is it really too young? I know some of the girls on here have to feel the same way I do about my boyfriend. Being in a long distance relationship has made my relationship so much stronger than I thought it would be.
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Go for it. My boyfriend & I have been long distance for six months now. He leaves for basic in seven months, and then has his tech school after that so by the time all that's even over it'll be almost a year and a half of distance. If I wasn't going to college for engineering I would marry him right out of high school and stick with him wherever he has to go. Im trying to figure out what to do with my college situation to make it help the relationship work. But please don't listen to what anyone says. You & him both know how strong your relationship is. Do not ever let anyone try to tell you otherwise!

You should do it out of love-purely. Don't do it to prove anything. It's a promise of forever because you love eachother. It does not matter what other people think, you''re the one who has to promise forever. There's no rush. It's a peice of paper. Really just be together, get used to the idea. Think, talk and plan. You'll know when you know. The fact you have to think about it says you aren't even sure.....Congrats on the undying love though...:) I wish you every happiness

I am engaged to a Marine too. And I have the same problem you do of others not really supporting it. I will be 18 and he will be 19. We have been together for 3 years and right now he is in basics. I am having a hard time doubting if i am too young because this is my senior year and my peers problems are so different from my own. Also, are you going to college? and if you are how is that working for you? i want to go to college but he wants me to move to where he gets based at. i feel like others really have no idea how to respond because they aren't put in the same positions as us.

I am going to college but I haven't started yet. I'm getting a semester out of the way while he is over seas but once he gets back I'm moving to NC with him. Then we will both be going to school out there. I knew that going to school in the beginning of his deployment would be a bad idea considering I've been a wreck about it. But I'm sure I'll be better and more optimistic once the winter semester starts. Good luck with everything (: and don't listen to others. I know what you mean by your problems being different from others. My life revolves around Dillon now. The decisions I make, I make for us. Not just for me. Other peoples lives still revolve around partying and sleeping around. I wish every girl could feel as strongly about someone as I do for my boyfriend. The feeling truely is unbelievable <3

Same thing with me! I didn't think it was possible for Logan and I to be closer than we already were when he went to boot camp, he's my bestfriend. We are getting married when he gets back. We talk about it all the timeee. :))))))))

Again, more girls who have made me feel so much better.

Congrats!!! And well I think if you two are truly in love and have talked things iver and really feel like he is the one then you should follow your heart and get married. Especially if you can't see life without him. I understand were youre coming from about the age though. I am planning on being engaged around Christmas time to my boyfriend and he is 21 and I am 20! I get judged about it alot because I am still in college and 20 is young.. But at the end of the day do what makes you happy and be proud of it because then others will realize that he is the one who makes you happy. Don't ket other peoples opinions make you change your mind, thats what I have learned. Because its only you and your bf who know yalls relationship! Goodluck to you both :)

Hey!! First of all, Congratulations!!! It's so awesome that you've found someone that makes you this happy! I totally understand where you're coming from, my boyfriend hints about marriange quite a bit, and although it makes me very giggly and I would marry him in a heart beat, I always promised myself I would finish college before I got married. Plus I think it gives us time to test out the waters. When he gets back he's getting an apartment near my college and he wants me to stay there with him. So I'll stay some nights and see how we work together in that kind of situation lol :P But we've only been going out around a month and a half maybe?? (I feel terrible for not knowing the exact days) And 3 weeks of that has been deployment!!! So as you can see we're probably a little crazy for even talking about marriage right now. But I really think he's the one, it's just a feeling I guess...ya know what I mean? I feel like this deployment is just giving us time to take things slow and really get to know eachother. We tend to open up a lot more over messages and skype than I think we would have on first dates!! I'm 19 and he's 24 so he's a little more eager to get married I think, but he knows I won't do anything till I'm done with school lol and I'm very stuborn about it so we'll see how things go!! How long have y'all been together?

Oh my gosh lol your relationship is VERY similar to mine! My boyfriend and I have been dating for 4 months. And I really can't explain the feeling but I just know he's the one. We would wait to get married but I'm moving out to North Carolina with him and we would be really tight on money if we waited. The entire time that we have been dating he has been In North Carolina so I have flown out there on the weekends and he has driven the 14 hours to just see me for 2 days. You just cherish the time with them so much more when they're away. I know what it's like to pretty much lose him now that he's deployed and I never want this feeling again.