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Hey ladies,
So my boyfriend is doing BCT and AIT at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO right now. He will graduate both in mid-December (I'm already counting down the days... 97!!). I was trying to find some information on what will happen after AIT. He will have leave but I don't know for how long. Does anyone have any clue as to how long his break will be?
Also, I probably shouldn't have done this since it only made me paranoid, but I tried researching where he will get sent after AIT and Jump School. He'll be an MP and Paratrooper and a lot of sights said he'll get deployed right away. Does anyone have a boyfriend in a similar situation or have any idea what might happen? I know the military is different for every person, but we are talking about marriage and he wants to get married before he's deployed. However, we have no idea what will happen to him once he is an actual Soldier.
Can any of you ladies help me out? Any advice would help, I'm really terrified he's going to get shipped to the Middle East right after graduation.
Thank You So Much!
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my boyfriend is at fort leonard wood right now! he graduates in mid-november, 65 days (: someone asked a question about this on my boyfriend's company's page and the drill sargeant said that their requested number of leave days depends on their personal preference, and he said to talk to your soldier. so ask him when he calls or in a letter, he should know because his recruiter should have informed him of things like that. as for deployment, i think it depends on the unit that he is transferred to.

Thank you! On his Company's facebook page it says that their leave will be different because it falls right before the Holidays. Nate said he isn't sure how long he'll get because he has to go to Jump School next and hasn't been told when it is. I know the military doesn't give much information out ahead of time, but it's a bit ridiculous that even he doesn't know how long of a leave he'll have. It's kind of frustrating since we'll have to book flights, and hotels... oh well, I guess I should get used to it. I'm so happy that you'll get to see your boyfriend in 65 days! It's getting closer!

oh yeah. so will he get longer for the holidays do you think? its good that he gets out right before christmas. yeah, its always hard to predict the army haha. i dont like that either, but im gonna have to get used to it. as his graduation approaches, i bet he will have to find out his leave time. im so excited to go down there for graduation. he has been there since the end of june, so it has been so long! i miss him terribly. but it has definitely gotten easier since i have been getting letters and phone calls every week.

He thinks he'll have 2 weeks off but who knows haha! I just want him home already! I couldn't believe he gets to call every week, everyone I know who has been through bootcamp didn't get to call home at all. And it's so sweet to hear his voice, it makes my entire week!

2 weeks will be great! my boyfriend is an MP too. i know how you feel! i cant wait for him to be home (: time will fly by tho. it may seem long now, but it does go by fast. really? they didnt get to call? thats crazy! it would be so much harder that way.

Yeah, Nate didn't think he'd be able to call me at all, his recruiter said they usually aren't allowed to use the phones. I love Sundays so much, hearing his voice is amazing! Is your boyfriend in AIT now? Is he allowed to have a cell phone?

yeah he actually had his cell phone throguhout basic. thats what he used to call on sundays. he would get it for 10-20 minutes every sunday and then the DS would take it. but that all depends on the company commander. im pretty sure each company has a different policy, but who knows. and he is in AIT now. he just started last week. and for the past four weeks he has had a pass on sunday so he got a bunch of free time and he got to go down to the convenience store on post. and he got his phone for those so we got to talk for about 3 hours on those days. so during AIT, they are more relaxed, but he had to earn his pass by doing different things, so some guys werent able to have them. so tell him to work hard! and he might get passes once he gets to AIT.

This is such good news! Nate has been working his butt off, he was the fastest in the entire Company to disassemble his M4 and re-assemble it, and he got 5th place on his first PT test. He's definitely working hard, and I know that the DS offer rewards like using his phone, he will work even harder. He's in White Phase for the next 2 weeks and then Blue Phase (which he said he's allegedly allowed to have his cell phone for). I just hope he gets rewarded for all his hard work, I know he would love to get to talk to me for more than 10 minutes a week since I can tell he gets choked up when he has to hang up :( BUT, he'll be done with BCT soon enough and then he'll have a little more freedom, thank goodness!

its good that hes working hard! the DS recognizes that, im sure. im sure you motivate him to do better, too! so keep supporting him! yeah, i love when he gets passes, we just talk for hours on end and it feels like im close to him again. i love it.

Thanks for letting me know this, it gives me something to look forward to! I miss him so much and just want to talk to him and tell him everything that's been going on. 10 minutes goes by so quickly and it sucks, especially since I know he has so much to say and not enough time. I can't wait until Sunday, I wish the days would go by faster!!

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