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It seems like the past few days that I have been scrolling through this site I have seen a lot more stories on marriage and moving or getting engaged. I just want to share my story on this! I know a lot of girls are asking for opinions or advice on what to do in this type of situation and whether or not they are making the right decision... I will be the first to say I know how each of you are feeling. I am in the same boat! I am a sophomore in college and 20 years old. My boyfriend is in the AF and he is 21. We have been dating almost two years and we are planning on getting engaged in December! People outside of military relationships tend to judge a lot and speak heavily about the negative things. In my eyes if you are truly madly in love with your boyfriend and are each others bestfriend then nobody else's opinions or judgements should stop you from doing what you feel is right. I am still overcoming dealing with not letting other people's opinions change how I feel or my decision on things. Dating a man in the military is completely different than dating someone outside in the civilian world. We have to make sacrifices, we are the ones who wait weeks, months and even years to spend time with our soldiers. Not many girls are strong enough to handle that and to go through what we do. It is a struggle everyday to wake up with a smile and get through the days. But the love we have for our men is something wonderful. Distance really does make the heart grow fonder. So if you are in a situation of making an important step in your relationship with your boyfriend do what makes YOU happy because at the end of the day it is your life and nobody else is living it but you. Marriage is a huge commitment especially when the military is involved but we tend to marry younger because we don't get to spend everyday with the one we love but if you can't see life without your boyfriend then to me that is the biggest sign that he is the one. I know from my personal relationship I have thought and thought about what to do but I know deep in my heart that I can't live without my boyfriend, he is my bestfriend, my other half and if you have that special bond with yours then do not let that pass you by. Always remember to accept others opinions and respect them but never change your mind just to "please" someone else. I hope that maybe this gives some encouragement to some of you ladies. And we are all strong and can get through anything!
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I love this s much! I really needed to hear that, I'm getting married in 4 months and no one is supportive and they always say negative things and try to make me question my relationship with my soldier, I love him more than anything, and he is the one I want to be with, I also can't see my life without him, but everyone always telling me awful things kept making me question if I should do it if it was going to upset them, but you are so right, I need to do what makes me happy not them. You have no idea how much this helped me. Thank you for posting this! Stay strong (:

I am happy that I was able to help so many of you girls out!! And yes just always go with your heart and what makes you happy bc that is the most important thing!

I absolutely LOVE everything about this blog. Thank you for your words, it really does make a difference to read about other people's thoughts who are living the same story as I am. I don't feel so alone. I've always had a plan for myself; college, career, marriage, babies. I've learned I want to get to each and every one of them, but they might not go as originally planned in the order I would like them to be in. I never once imagined myself being in a military relationship, so some of these things such as an engagement or marriage may come sooner than I expected. I've become okay with that, because like you, I am completely in love with someone I consider to be my best friend...who wouldn't want that? :)

That sounds so similar to my situation! I thought I had everything all planned out the way I want it to happen and then I became an Air Force girlfriend :)

Lol doesn't it kinda blur out the image of your future? It's kinda like...ok...where will I be in a year? Who knows! Not the way I do things usually, but well worth it.

@kwheel11: yes I am like you! Ever since I was little I had my life perfectly planned out and expected it to go as planned. Little did I know it is all changing! Life never goes as planned and that is especially true for us military girlfriends :) we do things maybe a little sooner but at the end of the day if we are all happily in love with our soldiers we will do anything for them!

I agree 100 percent! My boyfriend asked me to marry him(who is currently in basic training) and of course I said yes :) We've been together for 11 months now. I am 20 and he is actually 2 years younger than me(18). But that doesn't make any difference, I love him and he loves me and we both love each other so much. Now we don't plan on getting married right away. It could be in the next year, maybe 2. But we just know that we love each other so much and that we are getting married for sure. Thanks for the great advice! Many women out there probably needed to hear that :)

Congrats to you both! And you are right, age shouldnt be the biggest concern just as long as you are happy! Best wishes to you :)

Thank you so much! Yes I am very happy :)

Thank you! I'm personally 23 and we are no where even thinking of moving in together...so the thought of marriage hasn't even crossed our minds, but I know so many girls with men who are in the military(and even those who are not), who are always looking to please others with this concept(and not even thinking if they can financially do it, missinghim3 has the right idea). Just wanted to say thank you for posting this.

You are welcome girl! And yes it seems like lots of people struggle with wanting to please others when in reality if you look at the big picture it doesnt matter what they think! I am glad I started to finally realize that myself!

excellent advice! i have been struggling with this in my mind too. i know that i want to marry my soldier and i know that my life would not be complete without him by my side. we are only 18, and i worry about marrying too young. i dont want that to cause fights because we arent financially ready to support each other, but after reading this, it reminded me that the love we have for each other is what will keep us going. and all that matters is that we will get married, so we should just wait for things to fall into place. we will know when it is the right time.

Thank you! And I am glad that this was able to help you out some! Its hard being young and talking about marriage but like I said at the end of the day it's your life and do what pleases you! True love can conquer all battles (:

I love this! It helped me so much! Pretty much sums up what I've been trying to tell myself this whole time. Maybe I just needed to hear it from someone else :)

Awh well I am so glad I could help you! I just needed to get it out haha!

I appreciate it! :) haha

Anytime! Goodluck to you :)

Thank you! :) Good luck to you as well!

Thanks so much!!

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Amen Sister!