Yay Got A Phone Call Tonight :)

got a phone call just to tell me he loved me :) made my day. and he told me his mum is happy for us now :-D.. finally <3 !!!
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1 Response Sep 11, 2012

Aww!! Go girl!! It's definetly a good feeling that his family approves now, I know how stressfull that can be! My soldier has a daughter, and he got married really young to his daughter's mom. It doesn't bother me, but I was really worried that his ex wouldn't like me and would make things difficult for us. But he told me the other day they she was really glad that he had found someone and was excited for me to meet her daughter and all that. It makes things simpler for sure! lol Stay strong!! <3

thank you &lt;3.. am glad things are good for you too :). it does make it soo much simpler.. am just happy things are going well. am just gutted a cant be with him :(. stay strong too :)