Phone Calls

Today has just been a ****** day plain and simple. I wasn't able to text my boyfriend back for the majority of the day due to the busy life of a college student and was planning on texting him tonight. Well I guess he knew something was up and I got a call from him and he assured me he is here for me like always and everything will be okay. It is amazing to me that even with all the stress he goes through on a daily basis he still makes a special effort to call me when he gets any free time even for 10 minutes. I am always strong for him but today I guess I needed him to be strong for me. Just hearing his voice on the phone has made my week and I don't think anyone who isn't in a military relationship can really understand the meaning of our phone calls. They mean everything.
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Relationships are a two-way street, you know! Sometimes with military relationships, it doesn't seem that way, but it really is-- possibly even more so! :)

Agreed (:

Aww, sometimes we really do just need to hear their voice to pick us back up. We have to be strong a lot, so it's nice when we don't have to be tough for a few moments. My soldier is really good about knowing when I need a pick me up, like lately we've both been kinda down cause it's my birthday tomorrow and he's feeling guilty for being here, and I'm feeling lonely cause I want him to be here. But it's weird cause we're both really supportive about it, like we're both reassuring one another that it's gonna be ok, and we still manage to laugh and smile for the majority of our skype calls :) It's really a good feeling that we're doing something right!!

Yes, you're right it is nice to have them bring our spirits up a bit on our down days even though it's still tough for them as well! Well happy early birthday to you! :) I am sure that is a sad situation for you both, cause of course y'all wish to be together on your special day, but just know he will be there in spirit with you!!! That's the negative thing about military relationships is them having to miss out on big events but we know they are doing a job to protect all of us and we will stand by their side reassuring them and be supportive through it all!

Thank you!! You're so right, but it really just makes us stronger in the end, so it's way beyond worth it! Plus it's only one birthday lol, I plan to have quite a bit more!! lol

Haha that is true, you sure will!! And it is so worth it! Most people like to think otherwise, but it doesn't stop me from being by my man's side 110%!