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It has been 4 weeks since I have had a call from him. Today he called when i was putting our daughter down for a nap i dont have the number so didnt answer! i called and called until someone picked up he said he would call back in 3 minutes. He called back and my stupid phone dropped the call!! 3 minutes later he called back again he was only allowed to ask if his check has come in and then had to go. 00:33 second call after 4 weeks im a mess. I know if it was his choice hed stay on longer but hearing after so long and not being able to see if he is ok was awful! :( not handling this well, not well at all!
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1 Response Sep 12, 2012

Don't beat yourself up over missing the call, I did the same thing! I was at work and I looked at the number and was like...what kinda weird area code is that?! lol But the number kept calling and I didn't answer. And finally when I got off work I saw that I had a voicemail and it was him saying how much he missed me and he hoped I still wanted to talk to him and still loved him but he understood if my feelings had changed or something. Talk about a heartbreaker! I started to cry...I have no idea why lol! But I called the number, but it's weird cause the German numbers don't actually have a ring, they beep so I thought something was wrong with my phone! But I got a call back a few hours later and it was one of his friends asking if I was "Rogers' girl" lol I got to talk to him for a little bit which helped. Now that he's settled we are lucky enough to get to talk everyday, but don't feel bad about missing that first call, it's apparently really common lol, most of the girls I've talked to say the same thing :)

Thank you i feel a little better i thought i was an awful girlfriend haha

Haha, no not an awful girlfriend at all! :)

Thanks :)