Pity Party

Gah... Excuse my rant, but I have to get stuff off my chest.

If there is one thing I hate, it's that when I tell people that my boyfriend is in the army the automatically get a look on their face like they feel sorry for me. I really don't want your pity party. My boyfriend is a soldier and he's a badass. Now tell me to tell him thank you for his service and move on with your lives. That is all. :)
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amennnn girl.

I can sleep safe knowing a Marine has my back. Most people don't get it.

Girl, that's exactly how I feel about my soldier and my marine friends.

One of my good friends is a marine and got married and his wife moved in with him to the base God bless the wives

Yeah. My boyfriend is a Marine. These people will never have any idea what it's like to be the girlfriend of a Marine. We're planning on getting married soon. It's hard & people will try & throw you a pity party. But, it's woman like us whom are strong.

so true were like the man of the family when they are gone

I have two of my best friends in the Marines and my boyfriend is Army. When I tell people that they look like they expect to be invited to one of their funerals by the end of it. It's so stupid. I made a woman cry once because she felt so bad for me and my "situation." That's actually what made me post this in the first place.

i get the same thing. its so annoying. yes my husband is gone alot but that doesnt mean that i cant take care of myself and our relationship cant stay strong just because hes gone. ppl dont understand the military life unless you live it. and you kinda get this tough shell to deal with all the heart ache and deployments. but well be ok. and so will they.

Couldn't have said it better! Lol.

Yesss!!! Finally someone says it!!!

Tell 'em girl! :P