See You Soon :(

and so it is he leaves for his training exercise... 2 months with no contact no address to send letters too nothin :(... he said he might be able to get the internet the first two weeks at least then he will b on the field :(.. im so gutted.. i dont know how a will cope without talkin to him.. :( a need help :'( we argued last night but weve made up its just the stress of him going as he really doesnt wanna b in the army anymore... i just want him back here
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Aww I'm sorry hun :( That's rough. Especially if he's just in training and is already ready to get out. Will he be able to get letters? I'm not sure how they do that in training, I didn't get with my boyfriend till he after he was outta the training stuff (this is actually his 6th year!). My soldier does talk about if he's gonna stay in much longer or not, it's a tough decision. But I always just tell him it's up to him. But if he says he can get letters you could write him a letter (or letters) throughout your day telling him all the little details you would normally talk about if he was here :) As for the fighting, that's normal for a lot of people unfortunatly, it's a stressful situation which can cause us to say things that don't sound how we mean them, or that we just plain don't mean! Stay strong girly!! :D

hes out of basic training hes been in 2 years its just a training excerise for the full company :( and no they dont have a postal address :(... am trying to stay strong its hard cause a have like no support here at all :(.. a dont think my mans going to stay in after his last two years are up.. never no and al support him whatever he does.. just wish a had support here :( x

Oh!! I see now. Yeah not having any support is really hard :( I don't have much here, but luckily what I do have is pretty solid. If you ever need to talk about anything you can always message me! I know it's not the same as having someone there with you, but it's still helpful I think. And it may help you to still write the letters, you could always give them to him later :) I think that'd be kinda cute!

you think ? thanks a never thought of that tbh :). and thanks means alot am always here too.. and a wish a could say the same tbh but a have next to nothin here.. and without this group i would b completely lost to be honest so thank you :) x

No problem hun! And yeah I do think that would be really cute :)

after you said that just before bed last night a wrote a wee paragraph am going to do it every night before bed :) x

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