Care Package #2

Hey Ladies!! was that time again in our house...time to get that care package ready! lol, Once my soldier got his first one he FLIPPED OUT!! If y'all saw my last post about it there was a nerf gun, candy, movies, all kinds of other fun stuff and snackage. He (and his friends) freaked! This next one was more stuff that he had actually asked me for instead of the crazyness that I normally like to send, but I still had tons of fun decorating it so I thought I would post it anyways :)
This time it had:
  • Xbox 360 games (mine he's borrowing)
  • A Gamer Guide for LA Noire
  • Three recent game informer mags
  • Two of my old guitar books (he's trying to learn)
  • Hot Chocolate with crazy colored marshmallows
  • Pictures of his baby girl (in the envelope on the box flap)
  • Stella (My build a bear, his request)
I covered the flaps with scrapbook paper, and added letter stickers to say a part of one of our favorite songs (I changed it up a bit to fit) But it's "Whatever it is" by the Zac Brown Band. It's hard to see in the picture but I changed it to "You've Got Whatever It Is" "It Blows Me Away" "Every Time I Try To Tell You" "It Comes Out I Love You" Then the silver envelope says Lily (his daughter) and has some wallet sized pictures of her. And of course a guitar sticker. Hope Y'all Like It!!! :D
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2 Responses Sep 16, 2012

This is sooooo cute! He is a really lucky guy!

Thank you so much!!! <3

Aaawwww!!!!! How sweet & it can be addictive to send those packages, lol. I love baking for him; it feels special, sending that small piece of home. What a lucky man ....

Thank you so much! :D Haha and oh my gosh yes it can get addictive!! I have it figured out that I can send him one once a month, and the good thing is I have most of them planned out somewhat, so as I see things that I know I'm gonna need I can wait for them to go on sale and stuff like that (a lot easier on my bank account as a college kid lol). This one actually got sent about a week early, but that's cause he was bugging me about it, infact he kept saying "SEND ME MY TEDDYBEAR!!!!....Please?" lol it was kinda sad actually, so I just went ahead and sent it. I haven't gotten the nerve to send him baked goods yet...I really want to cause I actually bake really well (I went to culinary school) But I'm just nervous about how it would get there cause it takes about a week and a half for his packages to arrive.