My boyfriend only gets to make one phone call a week, and for the past 6 weeks he has called me, so sweet right? It started at only 4 minutes a week and then for the past 2 weeks he got to make 10 minute phone calls, well today he got to make an hour and a half phone call!! I was so excited when he said, "I only have 90 minutes left on my phone card so could you please send me another one if you have time...since I get to use all 90 minutes today!" I immediately started crying, I was excited for a 10 minute phone call, I was BLESSED with a 90 minute phone call! He truly is amazing, and hearing him say, "I love you" a hundred times during our conversations always makes my heart melt. Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky, what did I do to deserve an amazing blessing like him? Anyway, I just wanted to share my exciting news with girls who could understand how much this means.
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yay! It's always great when something good finally comes through!!! It's like superduperlove juice that give you motivation to kep on keepin on!!
Happy for you!!! :)

Sweetest thing ever (: I'm happy for you!

Thank you!!

Awwww this is so sweet!!!! You go girl!! <3