Not What I Expected =d

so im talking on the phone with my Marine and he asked me what my middle name was because he forgot and i was giving him grief and he asks if i liked the last name Rusk (which is his name) and of course i said yes, I love his name I've never heard it before and its just so different... suddenly he says "well you may have it before the summer".... omg im totally freaking out and really happy but i dont wanna get too excited but wow im in shock!!
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exciting but be prepared for military life!!!!!!! it is a mess!!!! the only thing you will hear is marine and military stuff combat crap ahh its awful, and these men dont get the help they need when they get back!! I have been with my husband for 7 years when we first met he was not in the military yet and I will tell you he has changed some good some not so good!!!! just keep him happy and support him and always listen to his stories about war even if you dont care! I swear it can change there life!!!

i was friends with him during his last deployment and even know he wtill not share info about it even tho he has nightmares from it. i wanna help but i feel so useless when i dont know anything about it.... i dated army men when i was living in NC but the USMC life is so different its so intimidating.

it is and I totally understand!!! trust me I h ave been threw the worst parts of all of it my husband has been over there 4 times! in years. its hard. just try to make him feel like he can talk to you! thats about all you can do. if you start noticing changes in his anger or anything say something I didnt and it came back and it was not good!!! very hard for me still to handle. just let him know your there! it is not easy for him but it wont be easy for you either!

Awe! That's adorable!!! Congratulations! :D

Awh! I love it! My guy is in the army, and he's never forgotten my middle name, I mean he has it tattooed on his chest! But he always says my name with his last name at the end, or calls me Mrs. (Insert his last name here). I think it's so adorable! I can't wait to really be his wife! I'm sure you feel the same! Goodluck to you guys!

thats really exciting! i hope the best for you and your marine :]

Ahhhh!!!! That is so exciting!!!!! :D I sent a picture of my notes to my boyfriend where I had doodled his name (and mine) all over the margins and he was like, you spelled your name wrong babe! I kinda looked at him funny and he went..."ya know..cause it's supposed to say Rogers at the end? Might as well start practicing it now" :O Lol, these men have no idea that they're gonna give us a heart attack one day!! lmao

awhhh thats adorable! everytime i think about him saying what he said last night i get chills and cant help but bounce around happy. sucky thing is he made the cut for his SERE school starting today so i cant talk to him.. bad timing lol