Can't Sleep

So I normally can't I'm used to calling him or texting him(as long as it's before 1) because he can always put me back to sleep. He's in basic, and I slept so well the first day or so after he called...but once again, can't sleep.

Anyone else have this problem and have any advice on what to do? I've tried reading, but I'll stay up all night til the book is done.
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Im starting to do the same thing also.... This is usuall the time he would text me and say hes really tired and we'd argue because I would want him to stay up.. Memories :) but my insomnia kicks in and I stay up thinking abut him. He always knew what to say to put me at ease. Heating his voice always helped me sleep.. Now Idk what to do so I understand

melatonin your body naturally produces so it is probably better for you
exercise!!! and not before bed.... get up early and exercise good during the day
at the end of the day you want to be a good tired.

Happens to me all the time. ZzzQuil is your answer. It has no medicine in it so it's not addicting or anything. It just makes you sleepy :)

I'm in the same boat. It's 5:04 am.. and I am a wreck. He's only been gone for 2 weeks (he's in basic) and I was okay the first couple of days and now it's kicking in that he's not around. There are these natural pills, called Melatonin, it'll help you sleep. or ZZZquil. I havent tried ZZZquil yet but the melatonin works wonders.

My man is in his 4th week of basic! I'm here for ya girl. The first two weeks were awful, but it gets a lot better

i usually find myself staying awake because of the time difference. when it's 12:30 pm my time it's 10am his time so i find myself staying up late waiting for him to wake up or to come home from a flight or something. my sleep schedule is all kinds of messed up.