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So... I'm new to this.
I met my military man on July 4th, 2012 & although for some people that's not a lot of time, for us two it was meant to be :-)).
He leaves for a year and five month deployment in January (Afghan) and I'm sad that I'll be away from him for that long. I already don't watch the news so that part won't bother me about hearing all of the horrible things that are happening there now and will happen while he's there.
I support his service to our country and I am proud to say that he's my hero. He's an amazing man and rarely complains about the things that are asked of him because of his job. He doesn't like having to cancel plans and although sometimes I don't like it because it makes spending time together so very difficult, I am doing all that I can to be super supportive.
What makes it even harder is that we are in a LDR, although 2 1/2 hours isn't that far with my crazy work schedule it makes time together during his leaves all the more precious.

We have discussed marriage and when he returns we will begin planning our wedding.
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Wow, 1 year and five months?! Why so much longer than usual?

I'm not 100% sure. He can only tell me so much about it. They just added the extra 5 months a few weeks ago. it could increase or decrease depending on how it goes

Ah right. I won't lie it will be very hard but it's obviously not impossible, as many military wives and girlfriends can tell you. If it's meant to be you will get through it. x

:-)) Most definitely!!! It will be one of the hardest things I've ever done and I know that if we make it through it, it will strengthen our bond. Of course there is the possibility of negative things happening and he and I have discussed those in detail, but I'm just focusing on strengthening my resolve and making sure that I have plenty to do while he's away so that I am not consumed with worry.

Best of luck x

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Congrats!! I'm glad you have a plan! Just don't rush things.....get used to eachother. You have plenty of time. That's just my opinion. Howevery i'm so happy that you guys make a perfect fit :)

:-)) Thanks for your support JillyBaby and I appreciate and respect your opinion. Although we are going to be planning our wedding, we definitely won't rush. We are still getting to know each other and learning the good and bad :-))

:) absolutely. I'm happy for you. Good on you madam!! :p when does he come home?

He hasn't left yet... they deploy January 4th and won't be back until May or June of 2014 barring that no times get added...

awe :( itll be ok you have us!!

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