Ex Gf Of His..

Im completely crushed while we split he was with this other lass... She hated me from day one because she knew he always loved me bit shes bad mouthing me & telling him he can do bettr & that she 'nos' that hes only settling with me cause he cant have her which he told her to **** off and remember that he ended it with her ... but a still feel so crushed :'(
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Ok answer me this are you and ur bf together as of now???

We've got back together a while ago she's just tryin to cause problems x

Oh honey!!!! Please dont stress yourself with that.....she see your happy with something that she wants...of courss she is gonna do everthing she can to destroy it....dont let her see you down..dont let her think that what she is doing is working bcuz she will begin to think you are weak and she will only jump on you harder..TAKE MY ADVICE!!! IGNORE THE HELL OUTBOF HER DONT RESPOND TO ANYTHING SHE SAYS LET HER SEE THAT YOU GUYS ARE HAPPY...I PROMISEE YOUUU IT WILL KILL HER!!!! TRUST ME!!!!

Okay thank you.. just so hard with him being away x

Why are you doing this to yourself?
did something recently happen?

She just started last night :( x