Belated Birthday

Hey Ladies!!!
So I think I may have mentioned it in a comment or two somewhere, but last friday (September 14th) was my 19th Birthday!!!! And my soldier sent me a surprise which I got today. I came home to a dozen red roses, a teddy bear, happy birthday balloon, and a card :D I literally screamed, picked them up, ran to my room, and skype attacked him. I was giggling for a good hour, even after our skype convo had ended....even looking at them now I can't stop smiling!! No one has ever gotten me flowers before....I will forever and always love this matter what, to infinity and beyond!

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This is adorable! Congrats and happy belated !!! Hooray!

Mine was the day before yours. Kind of looks like mine forgot. :(

No way!! Happy belated birthday darlin!! Aw I'm sure he didn't forget!!! Maybe he'll surprise ya! Keep smiling! :)

Thank you sweetie. I'm of two minds as to what to think. I hope he was just unable to contact me. I hope you too enjoyed your day. x

He didn't forget!! don't be sad! Don't forget how busy and stuff that he is. He probably feels rotten that he couldn't do anything for your birthday!

Aw, thank you, Jilly. :)

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r that so sweet your time is here with him no mat will bring closes to him he will always love u no mat want just be happy that you man of your dreams ;-)