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Hey Ladies!!!
So..if y'all haven't noticed..I love to decorate and make little things to send in my care packages that really don't cost me anything since I have a lot of craft stuff in my closet already. Well I saw a couple pins on pinterest that showed people making these decks of "52 Reasons I Love You" on playing cards. I thought they were really cute, but I wasn't sure I could come up with 52 things to put on them that wouldn't just be ridiculous! So I came to the conclusion that I would try to make a list of 52 things, and if I did it then I would make this little book of reasons I love him....Girls..I came up with 74 reasons I love him...before my TV show was over and I had to stop myself, I only repeated one ONCE!! ...I issue....lmao :P Anywho, I got to work and it really was super easy once I read a couple blog posts. The thing I found while looking at these posts, were most of them wanted you to buy templates and all these fancy things...but I am not gonna pay $5-$10 for someone to send me a file that shows me how to cut out a rectangle...So I figured out my own template! But here are the steps of what I did:
1) Opened up a new Microsoft Word Document
2) Changed the Page Layout to Landscape
3) Inserted a chart (6 across, 3 down)
4) Resized the chart to fill up the whole page (switch the margins too the smallest they can go)
5) Copy and paste the chart till you have 3 pages & 3 charts
6) I started to type in my reasons....ok so some tips for your reasons...
**Keep them kind of short so they can fill up the block but not change the size of it
**I used 30 pt font unless there was a longer word I felt I really needed to use like "butterflies" and then I went down to 28 so that it would fit.
** I downloaded a cute font off fontspace
7) Don't forget to use one of the blocks to say "52 Reasons I LOVE YOU" for the front card
8) Then print and cut them out.
9)Take a joker, and use a hole punch to punch two holes on the side of the card so they can be hooked together.( You'll use this as a template)
10) Clip 3 or 4 cards together with your template and punch the holes so they match this to all the cards (this is a pain in the tush)
11) Glue your reasons on (I used double sided tape)
12) String together with ribbon or binder clips and you're done!!!

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2 Responses Sep 22, 2012

This is such a great idea! And so adorable, he will really love it! :)

Such a cute craft! And simple, for the most part. Love it!