Our Love. His Training. My Wait.

my boyfriend just left this monday to his basic training for the army and i seriously feel like i could throw myself at the floor and kick and scream and cry because i already miss him like a little baby. i got my first call today and he sounded happy excited and wanted to get this over with. i just cant seem to keep myself together. he is amazing we are 19 year old and we are getting married in December im so excited but i just want to see what i can do to get this done. there are moments when i feel like i can take on the world then there are moments when i wanna break down
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my boyfriend left monday as well for basic. it is such a weird and lonely feeling without your boyfriend being with you. I am ok during the day its at night when its a problem. having been sleeping good at night either. Where is your boyfriend doing his basic at? mine is at fort sill

It's extremely weird! I don't know what to do all day. I'm in college and I work but I still have emptiness. Sometimes I feel like crying all day even though crying doesn't make it better. He is at fort benning in Georgia and he will be doing 17 weeks there. Luckily he comes home for the holidays.

there are days that i dont even want to get out of bed but i know if my boyfriend knew that he would want me to get up and do something so that is what i have been doing. my boyfriend is doing basic at fort sill then going to fort leonard wood Missouri to do his ait training. he also get to come home for the holidays! you have to think that every day that passes we are one day closer to seeing our soldiers! if you ever want to talk more you can message me anytime!!

I know what you mean!!! I was actually just saying that... I know he wouldnt want me crying or anything. It's just so hard to get used to this.. Hopefully I get used it

I understand what you are going through 100%! My boyfriend gets back in December and I am 19 as well. Something that I have been doing is making him an awesome gift. I found a mini army bag (walmart has tons! ;]) and started collecting things that remind me of him. I think bonding with his family is also important too since they are going through the same exact thing you are. Have fun! Learn to play an instrument, work out, hang out with your friends. December will be here before we know it! :)

His family dislikes me. He is only child so his mom sees me as a threat and thinks I'm stealing him away. Specially since his mom knows we are getting married she gave him hell before he left. She seriously stopped talking to him like for a month and a half she spoke to him again two days before he left to basic. And she already told us she wasn't going to our wedding because she hates me! I tried talking to her because I felt like I could get closure like that but she blew me off and said she would call the police on me if I kept bothering:(

Oh my goodness I am so sorry to hear that :( It sounds like no matter who the person her son is dating, she will be territorial. It really is a shame too since all your boyfriend needs is support from his loved ones. I hope she comes around and realizes how awesome and supportive you are being for him! It is not a personal thing against you though, my friend is an only child and his mom is on him all the time. the girl could be an angel he dates, and his mom still won't like her. keep your head up high and if you ever need anyone to talk too, you can message me on here! :)

i think that too! i dont think that its really me, i mean im not saying im perfect but i have been the most supportive person with all his decisions.. she was the worst.. right before he left she told him that the only reason he joined the army was because he was too lazy to go to school and had no other choice... she is the devil!! and thank you so much for everything. i'll message you if anything.:)

It's difficult. I know! My boyfriend just started Week 5 of training for the Air Force. Surround yourself with positive and supportive people, write him everyday, and keep yourself busy! Like take up a new hobby or set a goal for yourself to complete while he's in basic. Maybe getting in to the shape of a lifetime for your wedding! :)

I'm trying to do something but Its just like I've been with him since I was 13 years old so it has been almost six years in December and EVERYTHING reminds me of him:( I feel so lonely my friends aren't even friends they are so obsessed with their boyfriends

My friends are the same way. Some eventually came around for me. It's a really hard adjustment! My boyfriend has been on my mind constantly, but I just keep thinking to myself that I am so proud of him. Message me anytime you need!

thank you so much! i will deefinitely annoy you some time!! lol i sometimes wonder if i need like a counselor because i feel like im the only one who literally cries and is a complete mess... everyone else seems to be able to hold themselves together. and i suck at that part

Ha, I love talking to people! You'd have to try pretty hard to annoy me :P and you definitely aren't alone. Trust me, we ALL cry a lot.

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