The Phone Call

So my boy just left for boot camp today. When he calls should I let it go to voice mail so I can play it back and listen all the time or are u aloud to take to him?
Cclarkso47 Cclarkso47
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5 Responses Sep 24, 2012

Like it was the call when they first get down there just letting u no he's there

He's at parris island. And I let it go to voice mail. From the way he was "yelling" there's no way he would have been able to conversat. It's scripted what they say. But he snuck in a I love you at the end

My boyfriend left me a voicemail before he left. Just so i could go back and listen to it over and over. He said he is going to call when he gets to basic to give me his address but he wants me to forward him to voicemail that way i can replay the address over so i dont forget. i dont agree with it but its what he thinks is best... ugh i miss him alreadyy

no answer your phone. i missed one of my boyfriends call and he left a voice mail and i was so upset that i didnt talk to him. Where is your boyfriend doing boot camp at?

ahh i missed one of my bf calls b4 to..(phone went dead) he left a voicemail and i was sooooo crushed lol

its the worst feeling ever!!

WHYYYY WOULD YOU LET IT GO TO VOICEMAIL!!!!?? LOL noooooo ANSWER IT!!!! sure he wants to hear your voice one last time before he ship out.....always answer calls last thing they want is to finally be able and we (their support) dont answer!!!

I heard when they get done there and call they can't hear u. U can only hear them....

Really?? where is his training at??....he can hear you, u will hold a conversation with him...short...but worth it