Scratch That Last Post-- barely holding it together

He's gone another week, one of the jets broke....
how long he's gone depends on how fast they can get the parts and equipment

someone please help
how do I respond to this text
I know he's dispointed too.
I think i'm going to throw up...

He said if the parts come in tomorrow then he'll be an extra three days or so....if it takes them two weeks to come in he'll be gone two weeks.
This is my second posting and he said a month would be the longest he'd ever be gone really
and this will be pretty much a month if he's gone max two weeks right....
I'm trying to hope for the best but right now I feel like curling up and crying
why does this hurt so much? Why am I so disappointed and feeling like thie hugest sack of poop
I cried for ten minutes in the bathroom at's almost time to go home so i'm going to pull myself together and lose it later.
It wasn't supposed to be like this so soon
I'm broke, I'm lonely and frustrated
words of encouragement anyone?
I hope those parts can come tomorrow
but my mind if playing what ifs
I'm back to square one of feeling like a hopeless mess

Is this more than I bargained for?
why is this happening?
Is this a test....?
Am I strong enough to do this? A whole month? and he volunteered to go on this deployment....
Happy four months hun.....what a gift~!
JillyBaby JillyBaby
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3 Responses Sep 24, 2012

No matter what just keeep your head up. & remember hes missing you just as much as your missing him. Im sure theres not a day that goes by he wishes he was with you. but duty calls dear, and its only a little over a month.. He will be home before you know it. the best thing to do is try to keep your mind off it stay busy. Keeeep him happy when you talk to him try not to cry let him know you can do it. because you dont want him worried sick in a place he cant help comfort you. You gotta be strong and think about whats best for both of you. <3 Gooood luck hun!(:

Entirely true, and I was.
Now he's been home for a while and Í'm doing good!


Aw, Jilly, am so sorry to hear that he's been delayed. But if you think about it a month on the grand scale of things is nothing, of course you can do this. x

:-(( Well that sucks however, if there is a bright side just realize that it's not going to be too much longer. I know that's not very much consolation right now, but it will only be a few more weeks. Just try to take it one day at a time. Look how quickly September passed by, he'll be home quicker than you know it, just try not to look at the calender... Hope this helps. We're here for you as much as possible. We are here 2 support each other :-))

Thank you so much! Turns out, only one private was allowed to stay and it's not him so he's coming home as scheduled!


thanks!! YAY