Unfortunately It Has Ended =(

Hey everyone. So...yesterday my bf and I decided to call it quits. We agree that we both love one another tremendously but because he has to be away for 2 yrs and I don't want to be married anytime soon, the waiting would be too stressful, sad, frustrating for us. I'm really sad but a part of me knows it's for the best. He has begun to take classes where he is stationed and I am back at school now full-time as you all know. Now we can each focus on our goals and we both agreed that when he comes back to the states from Japan we will meet up and see what happens if anything but it's just to much for us. I have faith that this will not happen to the majority of you out there, keep fighting for your love and know that just because it ended for my bf and I you and your bf can and will make it in the long run as long as you both stay strong..something we did not..at least not as much as I thought. Now i'm torn because Im no longer a military girlfriend but i feel like i really enjoyed talking to you all and now i feel like there's not point in me staying on here =(
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Im sorrrry that happened to yall, Me and my husband were engaged when he got stationed in japan for two years. It was REALLY hard. between the time dif, not getting to talk to him often, him being soo far, it was just a big mess. But we made it through it and are stronger then ever. Yea its stressfull but if you really love someone you would stand by them. Waiting for long periods of times to see each other again is part of being with a man in the Military. Dont let a good thing go. <3 Gooodluck.