Random Communication During Deployment.. Drives Me Nuts!

I have gotten used to the slow email response times, but occasionally my sailor will email me several times in one day! Two sundays ago, I was SO lucky to get a few emails in one day! Then the next day the same thing!! Oh it was so WONDERFUL! But then Tues, Wed, Thurs nothing :( I thought I was going to lose my mind by thurs when I was at work that evening supposed to be concentrating on not giving the wrong meds to the wrong person! But finally I got an email. Then this week I went another three days of no communication. But I was okay until yesterday afternoon, it was starting to bug me. Then I got the email late last night before I went to bed and it contained this at the end: " I know the deployment is going by at a decent speed I mean hell we are one month down and I got better news that I cant tell you. But you will find out soon I promise. I love you baby!" Now I am going crazy with excitement! One of the navy wives I have been talking to agrees that its probably nothing along the lines of them coming home early, which we are all praying. But we have an idea. My man means the world to me and hopefully in the future, I will be his Mrs. He did say a few months ago that I was his trophy girl and that maybe later I could be his trophy wife! His emails seem to be sweeter and sweeter as this deployment. Which makes the wait for the next email worse! And I usually cry when I get them. My eyes teared up when I got one of the best ones so far, at work. I was practically crying all over my med cart! My fellow nurse thought I was crying over something at work! lol :P The next day he sent me an email just to tell me that he loved me and missed me so much and that he would respond to my email the next day because he was so exhausted. He just wanted to shower and pass out. He loved me so much to go to the computer cafe, log in, log into his email just to say he loves me! I love my man and I want him home safe! Sucks its only been a month though and we still have many more to go. We already were separated during July when they had to be at sea for a month to do training. Thats when he told me via email that he was getting deployed four months sooner than planned. And it would be for at least eight months, instead of four. This really sucks, but if he wasn't the one for me, then I wouldn't be here. Such an emotional roller coaster filled with love, hate, anger, loneliness, sadness, happiness, and hope/hopelessness. <3
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I can only relate to the rollercoaster of feelings...but it's true...if he wasn't the one for me i'd have given up long ago because this is so hard to deal with....
but look! one month down already! You go girl!! can't wait to hear the good news.
you're in my prayers! Hope your man comes home safely and early!

Thanks!!! :D I just keep super busy and time just seems to fly but not fast enough! This rollercoaster of emotions needs to stop! :( But he is worth it!

It doesn't stop.....ever lol
but you have support so it's okay!
and yupp, stay busy and get a lot of rest, it makes things easier!

Luckily I work 50-60 hour weeks and my college is back in session this week, so I will be BUSY! That and my fav tv shows are back on! I love my Tivo!!! So I have plenty to keep me busy: work, school, sleep, tv, and my amazing dog! Now if I can just make myself sleep more! I should be napping right now!

How long has your man been in the service?

That sounds good! Good for you!
what kind of dog?
and he's been in almost 5 years now...

He will be going on two years later this year. He already has spent eight months in Iraq/Afghanistan. Now he is deployed again. But it should be his last deployment. BUT they deployed him four months earlier than planned, and for at least four months longer than planned. So nobody is really happy about this. One month down... who knows how many left. My dog is a black lab/chow mix. But mostly lab with a thicker coat. She is the best dog anyone could ask for! I will be posting a story about her later. She almost died within a month of having her and she was abused the first year and a half of her life!

Poor puppy that so sad!!! I'm glad she's better though adn you two have special bond :)
So your boyfriend is gettnig out?
it'll go by fast hopefully he'll come home early!

Yes considering how sweet and gentle she is, its hard to image someone hurting her!
Me too!!! Yes as soon as his four years is up! Three of his four brothers are in the military. They love it but its not for him. He wants to have his own auto/boat/motorcycle shop. He is ALWAYS in the garage lol

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