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Ladies, Just because your man is away doesnt mean that you exactly have to be super girl, Do not lie to him about your feelings. Don't supress things that bother you until he comes home. And dont be overly worried about stressing him out. BREATHE! It is ok to show some emotion, and break down every now and then. If he thinks your doing that much fine with out him, it will make him feel like he is not needed. And always be honest with your siginificant other. BEcause if you dont it could possibly build resentment in the long run by supressing your pain. If he really loves you he will not only consider his stress, but be concerned of your feelings to. Here is what im NOT saying: Do not complain about everything because yes you can stress him out. Dont allow him to think that you can't handle it because then he may think that you plan on leaving, and you dont want to face the results of those feelings. And Yes, always be understanding. Im just tired of people telling me that "Don't bother him with your feelings until he gets home, he's under enough stress" "Be strong for him" BLah BLah BLah the reality is ladies not only are we human, but we are MORE emotional then men. And they understand that. What im saying is Ladies Let's keep a balance. Dont be too emotional and stressed out, BUT Lets not act liek everything is all peaches and cream. Rant Complete.
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Well said

Agree! Agree! Agree!

I agree! I don't pretend I'm okay when I'm not in my letters, I let him know. And he helps me through it the best he can. He loves that I tell him how I feel because he knows I still need him. I do the same when he's worrying about us. I let him know I'm not going anywhere. You can tell your man anything he loves you and wants you to take to him about things. I get mad when people tell me to keep it to myself, I tried that nd it now everything that much harder. He wants to know what's going through your head. He isn't here and the fact is not telling him could make him feel left out.

*it made everything that much harder.
I hate autocorrect


You're absolutely right!! I used to do that, until I realized how unfair it was to myself and to him as well! Kudos to you :-))

finally someone else has said it, im sick of ppl saying hide things from him but in the end its just gonna turn around and bite ya in the butt it always better to be upfront with him

I agree completely. My boyfriend would rather me let him know how I feel so he can at least know and try to support me and put my mind at ease than for me to hold everything in because I would implode. And I tell him my negative feelings but make sure he knows that it's nothing I can't handle. We do have to be strong but holding in feelings will only create cracks and weaken yourself. Thanks for writing this, very good advice!