Not Really My Boyfriend?

my closest friend told me recently that she doesnt consider my airman to really be my boyfriend because we dont get to see each other most of the time. it broke my heart to know she felt that way and she had been not told me that until now. her father is in the military so i thought she of all the people im close to would understand some of the feelings i have when hes away. we still talk but our friendship has changed since then and now everytime we talk thats all i can think about. my boyfriends such a big part of my life and my best friend i love him so much and now my closest friend doesnt even want to hear about anything that involves him.
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6 Responses Oct 21, 2012

During this experience you figure out who your true friends are, I've lost so many since Geoff went in but at the same time I've gained so many good ones. Don't let her negativity affect you girl!!

I think what sucks the most is when they come back and those "friends" act like they never turned their backs on you.

Hey girl! I have a lot of friends like this. No one truly understands what we are going through unless they are in the same situation. My boyfriend is in the army and stationed in Kentucky, Ft. Campbell. It is one of the hardest things to go through, being away from a loved one. But it will only make us stronger people. Dont let peoples negativity get to you. Just surround yourself with people that understand and get you. If you ever need anyything just message me :)

It's one thing to see a military relationship and another to actually BE in one. Be strong. I lost a lot of friends because they thought I was wasting my time with Sonny(my boyfriend) since he was always gone due to him enlisting. I'm here for you if you just ever want to talk..& trust me,things will get better. As long as you have each other,what more could you possibly ask for? :)

I have the same problem with my best friend. Even though her boyfriend is in the navy i can't talk to her about anything that involves my airmen. She doesn't like him, and constantly tells my family stories about him that aren't true. And the stories make him look bad. I hate it. She's so immature and is obviously jealous I'm with him and happy. It's so frustrating.

She doesn't understand your relationship. Who cares? You know that he is really your boyfriend and that is all that matters. There will always be people that are negative but it's our job to hold our heads high and ignore all of that. Just because she said that it doesn't mean she's right.

Maybe she is jealous. I would stay away from her for a bit and maybe she'll realize that she is being ridiculous.