I'm Proud of Y'all...

Well, obviously I'm not a girlfriend (being a guy and all that) but I'd just like to say to all of you that as a veteran, I'm proud of you all for your love and commitment to our men in uniform.

As one who was once deployed for two tours in a very nasty little war, I salute both your guys and you ladies and I truly appreciate you for who you are.

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Your words are greatly appreciated, and thank you for your service.

Thank you for your service and kind words, gets tough for us girls some times..

We would not have a reason to be strong enough to wait if you guys were not willing to stay strong and wait for us. Thank you for your service. You are a hero in my eyes and we draw strength from you guys as much as you guys do us. Thank you thank you thank you

Thank you for you service and thank you for showing you support to the silent ranks

Thank you for serving as well!! I appreciate the post because I often wonder what the guy's point of view on all of the time apart is. My guy is distant and does not show emotion while he is in uniform. However, when he is home he is himself... So when he is gone it does get hard because I do not know what he is thinking, I can only assume and be positive.

You don't see this too often. Thank you and thank you for your service :)

Wow that is really sweet! Thanks to you too!

It's nice to get some appreciation sometimes ;)<br />
<br />
but thank you for your service, and the appreciation!

Thank you for your sacrifice. I think all of the girlfriends here can appreciate it, and also appreciate your post :)

Wow... coming into this a little late apparently, but loving this post! It means so much to hear it from the other side of the situation.

Thank you very very much for your service! and for this post. Sometimes this is exactly what we need. Just to know that the sacrifices, by both military people and significant others, are appreciated. :)

Thank you for your service!!!! :)

Thank you for the great service you've done for our country. It's truly an honor to be appreciated by a veteran. :)

No sir, thank you for your service.<br />
We are all so proud of our men, and are happy that they are fighting for us. <br />
This post means a lot. Thank you so much.

WOW! I really appreciate that!

<br />
Short Story:<br />
I have recently found my great grandfather (again...after some ***** put him in a nursing home...sorry) who served in the military as a sniper. Dont know too much about his history in the military but I intend to find out more about his life. My fiance was with my mother and I when we were reunited with him. My fiance serves as a medic in the US Army. Watching them sit and talk was amazing...the connection those two had, and never had met a day in their lives. As we left that day, I witnessed my man cry for the second time in our relationship. He looked over and told me that, that day had meant so much to him. To be honored by a veteran himself....<br />
<br />
THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE....You can never be repayed and thanked enough!!!

thank you so much for your encouraging words i thank you for your service and my fiance and i do as well. thank you again so much!

That was a great post!<br />
Thank you for serving !

Webster9...<br />
I'll leave the voting to those who seriously care for a choice between the evil of two lessers.

Then, vote for Obama so they can all come home alive and well and soon.

What a GREAT post!!!!