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So tonight during mine & my boyfriends call he asked me to stop taking my birth control! my jaw almost hit the floor lol he even told me to take a pic of my birth control everyday so he knows I'm not taking it! I asked him 500 times if he was sure this was what he wanted & he said " babe I've never been more sure about something in my entire life, I'm going to try to get you pregnant when I come home" lol are we crazy for planning this out?! I told him there's a chance it could happen & there's a chance it won't happen but he still wants to try! Omg I don't even know what to think lol I'm kinda excited but nervous at the same time! Has anyone else gone threw something like this?!
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Tell him to put a ring on your finger, and then you'll consider it.

He is when he comes home on the 6th, he already has the ring (:

lol I'm glad he'll put a ring on your finger lmao, I'd just be careful that you aren't rushing into things. Travel spend time together, don't you appreciate your sex life, your home life and your own money? Kids cost money, and time and take up your life. lol
The only reason I relate is because me and my man have baby fever like crazy but we're waiting.

I already have a daughter so it's not like we can do much traveling because I'm not allowed to take my daughter outta state, but he wants a baby of his own. He treats my daughter like his own he even calls her his daughter but he still wants a mini him lol

I see your point, well if you think you're ready then go ahead. But just reflect on your daughters first few months. and what if he gets posted? Do you have the suport money. i just beg that you think think think :)
I wish you luck and love on whatevre you decide!

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