My Heartbreak But Proud Of Him.

My boyfriend is leaving for basic in 5 weeks. He also wants to go active duty. I don't know what to expect, or what to do. Can anyone help me out and help me get through this? thank you.
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Hey there :) My bf is a member of the National Guard, and he went to basic/AIT last winter. So I think I can kinda relate to what you're going through now, as well as what you'll go through after he leaves. Being a military girlfriend is hard at times, but I find it's extremely worth it. Those first few weeks he'll be gone will be by far the hardest, but it will get easier from there :) If your boyfriend's experience is anything like mine, he'll spend a week or so in what they call reception after he gets to his duty station. He'll still have his phone, and will most likely be able to call you in the evenings. After reception however, he will begin actual basic training, and probably won't have his phone anymore unless his drill sergeants allow it (my bf was only allowed to call home twice the entire time he was at basic. Which was ******, but it all just depends on where he is and what his drill sergeant's are like). He will be able to write letters pretty much from the time he arrives on base (so make sure to give him a copy of you address before he leaves!). You won't get his address for 2-3 weeks though. Which, again, kinda sucks. My best advice for coping with him being gone is to stay as busy as possible. I'm a college senior so if you're in school like I am classes will definitely help. Also, write him everyday, even before you get his address (I started writing to my bf three days after he left lol). Trust me, those letters will be like gold to him. And you'd be surprised at how much closer it can bring you to when the only communication you have it letters. This experience will be hard for you both. But trust me, it's (again) TOTALLY worth it when you see him again, and I've found that basic can even strengthen a relationship. Just have faith, and keep your head up :) I do hope that helped you a little bit. If you have anymore questions or just wanna talk please feel free to shoot me a message!!

Even though this wasn't specifically for me it definitely was enlightening and very helpful! my bf is in basic training for the National Guard and it has been very difficult, but it always helps to see these types of helpful posts on here! Thank you:)