He's Been Home 38 Days 23 Hours 9 Minutes And Counting

He means so much to me,
i've been struggling with anxiety and this new military life and he's finally been home long enough for me to cope and get a routine and work on me, i've been so stressed, but i'm able to work part time.
Things are going much better, i've even joined Yoga :)
We both have baby fever really bad though. We do want kids, I really want kids....but I value my life with him and my body too much at this point lol and I have too much to do like lose some weight pay off debt and well you know the rest travel yada yada invest in a house...
Things are going to be okay aren't they? :)

I wish you ladies all the best becuase I completely know what you're going through and I wish you all the best of luck and fortune that we've had. I am very blessed and I pray for you all :) <3 Chin up, this won't last forever and he'll be home soon to be with you and only you
JillyBaby JillyBaby
18-21, F
Nov 27, 2012