Miss Hearing Him Voice

Well it's been a few weeks since Ryan and I have Skyped and about a week since he called me. We've texted here and there this week, but I would give just about anything to hear his voice. I miss him so much and hate having to be away from him. He's been such a huge strength for me with all the ish I go through daily and I just want to be able to tell him and hear him say I love you. I can honestly say I never thought he'd be so important to me when we first met and now I'm completely head over heals for him and he knows I am. I'm just trying to stay positive and make it through the remainder of his deployment. I can't wait to see him when he gets home.
Ldylvlylcks2002 Ldylvlylcks2002
31-35, F
Nov 28, 2012