New Experience, Need Help Please

I am from a small town, i work full time at the hospital, and am a fulltime college student. I recently(last 6 months)have been talking to a guy i went to highschool with after he came home on emergency leave from the navy. He is a hospital corpsman has been for 3 years now, he has 2 years left inthe navy H. He is an amazing guy but we didnt really associate with each other in higschool. He came home for 2 weeks this past October and we were together 24/7 and decided to try dating. He was recently sent to a new base and i dont get to talk to him very much compared to where he was stationed we could talk/text all the time and skype every night. He had stated to me that long distance relationships dont usually work with him but he honestly believes this one will.. He is already talking about us being/living together when he gets out ... This is my first long distance relationship and i am a little scared/nervous because he is a great guy and i am really into him but im kinda scared..Any input would be greatly appreciated..
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thank you both i appreciate it. i know it will be hard he's done said it would be hard but he would like to try and make it work. i was taught anything worth having was hard work and took alot of effort. i got to talk to him lastnight and we somewhat got to discuss it, i want to try because he is such a great guy and has become to mean alot to me in such a short time (as i explained to him) he said he feels the same and if i am up for it he wants to try and find a way to make it work! so looks like im gunna be findin out how tough this soiuthern girl is lol (:

Go for it girl! It never hurts to try new things. If you care about him and can see yourself with him then give it a try! Just be sure that you ready for the long days and nights ahead. It isnt easy but im telling you its worth it!

Well, my first advice would be to talk to him about it lol but I guess that is kind of difficult lol
I suppose you need to decide how you feel and whether or not you're ready to jump in head first for this guy
do you want to wait? What if goes bad? What if it's fantastic and he's ""THE ONE"""?
What do YOU want? It's a super tough question to ask yourself, but realistic. This isn't an easy road so be prepared for some tears both good and bad and a lot of frustrations and plans always getting changed.
But for most of us it IS worth it.