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I grew up with a National Guard father, a Marine grandfather, and an all over obsessed with anything military little bother. So by the time I was 18 I was actually pretty done with the military. I have nothing but the up most respect for the ones who have sacrificed so much for us and support or troops 110%. I am the person to defend our soldiers the second they are insulted.
I didn't want a military boyfriend and while I wouldn't discourage my kids, I wouldn't encourage them to join.
TJ grew up with a family history of Navy and Airforce veterans. In the same fashion he wasn't terribly interested in it either. When I met him he had hair to his bum and wore Hawaiian shirts all year round. He was going to college to be an Animal Conservationists.
I remember thinking "There's no way this guy is going into the military, he's just a step away from being a hippie like me." So I started falling madly in love. He charmed my inner fire and I began trusting again. He's the only man, besides my father, that has ever been allowed to tell me what to do. Not that he would ever abuse that power.
After 5 wonderful, life changing months he told me that he was seriously thinking about joining the Navy to help pay for college. On month 6 he left for Chicago to start boot camp.
I've tried long distance before, it blows. But some how just because it was him it was ok. We breezed through bootcamp with just letters. Then he had to go to A school and while he could talk to me he very rarely did. I tired to be understanding and realized that They were keeping him extremely busy and it was just temporary.
At this time I had not only a great, hardworking guy going after me but a almost out Marine that was more into my...tastes...mainly I like to party (in my apartment with a few friends) on the weekend and enjoy my vodka mucho. TJ on the other hand very much so disapproves. And it was hard to remember why I was waiting for this wonderful man that barely talked to me and left me for the military which I wasn't really into anyway. We still had 8 more years of him being in it too!!
I'm not going to lie. I faltered. I got a lot more wasted then I normally do with other guys around and I..did some things with the Marine, but no sex!
After a really rough night of me trying to get a hold of him and him flat out ignoring me and then calling at 3am when I was trying to sleep because I had work in the morning I tried to break up with him and told him about the Maine.
We both cried and had a real long talk and ended up staying together.
Since then he has woken me up every morning with a txt and if we can't talk through out the day he calls me at night to put me to bed. It's been 3 months and we are stronger than ever.
I don't know what kind of man he is to still be with me, but I can't even begin to say how happy I am he is. He is my everything and I can't imagine living without him. I know it's just going to get harder and we'll have rougher times, but I feel like I'm ready now. Maybe it was my youngin idiocy or my thickness not allowing me to see what I had and allowed me to put it in danger, but now my heart and my mind are in sync.
I do know this, if it were any other man other than TJ it wouldn't work. It is purely because of how perfectly we fit together and how he makes me such a better person that we are still together and will remain so.
After 8months of being gone he is finally coming home tomorrow, just in time for our One Year Anniversary!
Sometimes life leads you in a very different direction than you expected, but when you find the right person that's ok and you find yourself willing to compromise.
I tried to escape the whole military scene, but I should of known better. Now that I have my sailor I've found a sort of peace about it and while my rebellious side sometimes spikes up I'm able to deal with it and not feel like I'm conforming.
HisCritterKeeper HisCritterKeeper
18-21, F
Dec 1, 2012