I'm A New Marine Girlfriend

Me and my boyfriend just started dating. I feel like none of my friends support it. When I talk about it with them, they're all short with words and don't have much to say. I'm also scared if him forgetting about me. I don't want him to forget me when he deploys. I'm just new to this and I'm not sure how to handle everything.
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1 Response Dec 2, 2012

Don't worry too much! I know what you mean by feeling like none your friends understand or are supportive.. The sad truth is that they can't really be because they aren't going through it and have no idea how hard it is. My best advice is to keep as strong as you can trust me that's easier said than done! And try to keep as busy as possible so you don't just sit around upset. It's natural to be sad and worried but time heals and it will get better and easier for you. Write your boyfriend as much as you can he will love hearing from you. Just stay positive for yourself but also for him because he will be going through a lot and will most likely be stressed out. Don't worry about him forgetting you though, he loves you and if he does start to seem "distant" it's probably because he's tired/stressed/over worked but just give him some time to adjust! And he misses you just as much as you're missing him I'm sure! Hang in there and good luck! :)

Thank you! :)

Anytime if you want to talk more or have any questions message me an il be happy to talk!

Good to know, thanks!