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I just don't understand my boys sex drive. ALL he wants to talk about is sex. I want to tell him I don't want to, but I feel bad because I know he doesn't get anything when he's not with me. I just can't handle constantly talking about it. I just don't wanna hurt his feelings, or make him think I don't want it.
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3 Responses Dec 2, 2012

I think they are all like this lol my boyfriend has been gone since September & comes home in 3 days & that's all he's been wanting to talk about!! Some times it drives me crazy because he'll even bring the subject up when I'm at work & we talk on my lunch yesterday I literally had to yell into the phone "babe! Don't forget I'm at work, I can't talk about this right now!" I don't mind talking about it tho, it gives him something to look forward to when he comes home (; the only advice I can give u is talk to him let him know how it makes u feel & how u don't always want to talk about sex (:

communication is the key to military relationships, just tell him how you feel. i know it is hard im going thru my fiance gone to bootcamp right now with the marines. if you need to talk feel free to message me.

Thanks :)

I have a similar problem. Because he has been gone for almost 4 months. His drive is over campacity smh . I want him to respect the fact that im inot always in the mood to talk about it. But another part of me feels bad cause it has been a long time

Right. Like its not that I don't want to do it, but I just don't want to talk about it ALL the time.