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I feel like I'm just falling apart, going to school (I'm a senior in high school) and I see relationships around me everywhere. I have an awful day and I just want to talk to my marine boyfriend and I can't. I look through my contacts looking or someone I can talkto about it and I know that noone will really understand where Im coming from,the most they've been away from someone they love is only a week or two. I miss him soo much an I teally just need someone I can relate to. Pleaseeee help
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there are many of us on here going through the same lke has been said feel free to message any of us and have a chat.....its hard but we can ALL get through it

This is only my second day on here and I can feel a connection to almost anyone I talk to. I wish I had found this site earlier, you all are the best(:

hah i know right! it's amazing because we all go through the EXACT same no matter which country it is which military

my fiance is a marine at parris island right now for bootcamp. if you need anything feel free to message me and ill help you all i can.

Agh boot camp was the worst! But thank you(: I'm toatally here too if you need anything or have any questions about the family day or graduation or anything! Welcome to the Marine Corps family(:

I know what you mean. I'm also in high school and it sucks to see all the happy couples and you're just there hoping for a message or call. What I hate is when someone complains how they miss their bf/gf after a few days. I haven't seen my boyfriend in 3 months. It's really hard. And for me, reading other people's stories and having them comment on my stories helps. It's nice to talk to people going through the same thing as you. I hope you find someone to talk to! Where is your boyfriend at?

Yeah exactly! They say things like " oh so and so is sick today I miss him" honestly, you don't know what it's like to miss him. Andd my boyfriend is at mct east right now, so I havent heard from him for a while now. Very hard but I wouldn't have it any other way, you probably know exactly what I mean(: this is my first day on here and I already feel so much better talkig to people who are going though the same things. Where's your boyfriend?

I wouldn't have it any other way either, it'll be great when he comes home (: My boyfriend is in Afghanistan right now. He's been gone for 4 months; 7 months to go!

Wow, that's intense. I'm really not looking forward to the first deployment. He told me because of his mos he will most likely be in okinawa, I'm kinda scared :/

Yeah it sucks :( It's really hard before he leaves and the first few months. I've gotten used to the fact that he's gone, but there are days where it gets to be too much. The day he gets home will be the best though! Definitely worth the wait (:

I agree(: there are days that are okay, you still always think about him though..then some nights I legitamitely cry myself to sleep because I just miss Ty soo bad.

I know exactly what you mean

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