Wearing Me Down

My boyfriend has been in Afghanistan for 2 months now, but gone for 4 including training. About 2 weeks ago, he went on a mission and weren't able to talk for over a week. Now he's on another mission for about 10 days. Him being gone is really wearing down on me. I've gotten used to the fact that he's gone now so I've been able to hold it together rather well but lately I just wanna cry. He has seven months left over there and I can't imagine what it's gonna be like. I just want him home already. I can only hope these next months will fly by. <3
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Hi. I'm sorry to hear this. I have been dating my bf for almost two years. He's been through two deployments and going on his 3rd in may. This will be my first time going through this and I'm terrified. Reading this confirms my fears. Everytime I think about him leaving my eyes flood with tears. I imagine once he leaves I will probably cry randomly in public at the drop of a dime. : ( just wanted to,say I feel for you. Hang in there,I hope things get better. Don't you just wish sometimes that you could go to sleep, and not wake up until he returns? : ((((

In the beginning it will be really hard but not so hard that you can't make it through it. After about 2-3 months of him being gone, I was fine. I would cry every night but now I rarely cry. When he isn't on missions, we talk everyday so it good (: Of course it isn't the same as having him by your side and talking to him face to face but skype is a wonderful thing (: I wish I could just fast forward through these next months but I think this time being apart will make us stronger couple as it will to you! You need time apart to truly see how strong your love is. That moment he comes home will be thee most amazing feeling (: I have so much respect for girls that are married to a soldier and have gone through this multiple times. They are the strongest couples out there!


I know how you feel, or atleast knew how felt several months ago. On a positive note even though it may seem now that the deployment is going by slow, it honestly went fast as long as you stay as positive as possible. Not going to lie, i've cried mulitple times because sometimes a good cry relieves a little stress even though you may feel weak, but no one said its not okay to cry. All of us ladies that deal with deployments have had our bad days. Feel free to message me if you need someone to talk too about anything else!

I think crying helps too. It's feels nice to let it go

it is a hard one! mine goes for 6/7 months of the year it does my head in as we say in the uk we get to speak a lot on email but it's not the same and i do a lot of worrying

I worry a lot too, especially when he goes on missions and we don't talk for over a week.

even worse when he tells me out on mission will speak when i get back and then im sitting there alll paranoid like is he dead, i won't know cause i'm just the gf

It will fly by, I found after the first four months it whizzed by.

Hope you're right!

Oh... I know what you mean. That's how I'm feeling today and the past couple days. It been 9 months and today I'm feeling like come on now. But its like a rollercoaster time after time. No matter if its the first two Weeks gone or until return its hard. Its all worth it tho. Stay Strong and prayerful!!

Thanks! You too (:

Feel you. Am going crazy, sad, worried, so many feelings. You really go nuts. My marine will come home about 10 months or so. He have surved over 12 years so he hopes that he can quit sooner than a year. Remember we are strong!!