I am drowning in my own tears!!! I can barely man came home to visit me for 6 days & it was wonderful!!! After waiting over a year, to finally be held, kissed ...looked me in my eyes to say he was in love beautiful. we did things he enjoyed, made sure he had a good time. Now, I was strong, didn't cry until I drove off ...I am dreams had nothing on my reality ....i need some prayer, heart is breaking .....
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Thx Jillybaby.....I need to hear that....I do know it hurt him, but because of his ways, he won't say how much. I know he has to detatch himself ...numb himself ...he said he wanted to stay...I assured him I am here no matter what ...especially now. This was our 1st time meeting, lol ...we skyped, phone, etc ..but had to wait a year to physically see eachother the meantime full love bloomed. Now that I actually got to experience him, I am fully in ..point of no return ....I will do what I must until we meet again but no doubt in my heart; I love him with a lifetime love .....

It's almost a gut wrenching. heart breaking deal to go through. It almost doesn't seem fair for him to be gone so long to only have him leave again. But you have been given a wonderful gift of him for that short amount of time. safe sound and secure and in your arms. And let me tell you love, it hurts him being gone but he only came back to you, and now you have some fresher lovely memories to hold onto until you see him again.

*tears* thx ladies .... I am gonna need a few days to re-adjust to him being gone. It was surreal; I know it happened, got the pics, etc but man!!! ...I don't know how I am going to make it tonite ....having slept by him, being held, listening to his heartbeat, breathing his scent. He let me have a shirt with his scent on it ...I can't smell it rite now or I will break down. &&& this song, he held my hand, had me listen to the words ...I love my military man!!! So proud to be his....thx again for just letting me talk

That is the absolute worst feeling. And sadly enough, most of us are much too familiar with it. I know it's really tough now.. But before you know it he'll be back and in your arms. There's no shame in crying and being upset, we all do it. But give yourself a few days then jump back in the game and be the best damn military girl you can be. They call us te hidden ranks for a reason, we're tough as nails(; if you ever need anything I'm always here and you can email me too! Much love, stay strong

damn straight you'd have to be to deal with what we do


hold in there hunnie i know its beyond tough