Damn Afghanistan Crappy Internet Connection

Well everyday i wait for my message with severe anticipation sad isn't it that this is what my life has become, just waiting and waiting all the time...and finally he messages me, so we're having a nice normal chat...he always wants to know what i've been doing etc, and really i don't want to say oh just going completely insane waiting for hours to pass so i can get your message (don't want him to think i'm TOO crazy lol)

So we're just talking and then BANG he goes silent...now on a bad day i would be all paranoid and panicky, but the first msg i got today was 'i'm not even sure you'll get this'

so thats my rant the freaking internet cut out, we never get much time to talk i the first place and for it to cut out after only 5 mins just makes me want to scream...oh look i'm ranting again lol

hope all you Army gf's are doing ok x
techgeekgirl techgeekgirl
26-30, F
Dec 6, 2012