The Dreaded 'off On A Job'

Getting all excited about a message....and then feeling like someone shot you in the stomach when he says ...'going out on job...won't be back till sunday night hopefully!'

i know i know im a selfish idiot, a couple of days is nothing....but it's just that fear of not knowing what will happen, if he'll get back to base, just two nights of horror
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You aren't selfish... you are worried. I understand completely, don't beat yourself up for wanting to be in the loop - thats a completely natural want. You'll get through this.

It really does make you fall for them more. We want what we can't have, its a terrible mind game sometimes. But you love that person for a reason <3

haha very true

I understand, you are not selfish. Its just everyday and second is precious with them. I fight negative thoughts like that all the time. You have to alter your mindset and stay as positive as possible. I know it is easier said than done but if you live in negativity , it will consume you and make you lose sight of who you are. Stay strong. I completely understand fighting your thoughts <3

yeah i find i sulk a little around the house and then it kind of gets better, its so hard and i swear it makes you fall for them even more being away from them

My mom and dad would say... on those days when you feel so depressed you don't want to leave the house - those are the days when you have to get out and do something for yourself. Go the gym, go shopping and try to stay out of your own head. :) Don't torture yourself - it will be ok.

thank you well he says he is getting moved hopefully to Germany so will be able to speak more and i can visit so hopefully no more crazy missions like these ones

So glad to hear that!

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