Hes Gone

So my boyfriend went back to America today, hes currently on the long 15, or so, hour treck back to the states where he has a month off to be with his family before he gets to his new base.

Now i just feel like theres a gaping whole in my life, I used to be able to just drive down to the base and spend time with him, watch a film, get some food whatever, and now all those little things people generally take for granted have been taken away from me.

Its the distance and the military combination that is the most difficult, he could be deploy any point that hes in america to somewhere else and that would mean me not seeing him for something like a year or something horifically long like that.

Its like hes still here but hes not, he has gone, and by tomorrow he will be 5000 miles away and 6 hours behind me also. Im just terrrified of how im going to see him again.
weareonetogether weareonetogether
22-25, F
Dec 10, 2012