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I have a lot going on in my life right now and I'm jut asking for prayers to get through it all. I made a huge choice this morning to change my major and it's been stressful, my bf comes home in 11 days an things haven't been the greatest with us. Just pray thy God will give me answers, courage and strength to push through. I am also in finals week which is killing me. Just the emotions and stress are adding up plus being a military girlfriend on top of that is overwhelming. Thanks !
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Girl, I am in the same boat! I changed my major again, my finals are his week, and my boyfriend comes home in 6 days. I'm overwhelmed and I feel like I should be happy, I'll pray for you!

Thanks! Praying for you too! I feel like I should be happy too but for some reason i'm not ;( and I am excited for my bf to be here but I feel like I should be out the roof over the top excited but I don't feel that way. Maybe it's the stress and everything combined! Whats your major?

It's definitely stress, there's too much going on to even get excited! Right now my major is English, but I'm not sure if I want to do English Education, Professional Writing, or Literature... too many choices!

Oh wow well whatever you decide you will do great at I'm sure :) I changed to a psychology major from elementary education. I want to be an adolescent psychologist.

I was early childhood education too, and then psychology lol! There are too many choices and it's hard to pick just one!!

Oh wow! Yeah haha it gets confusing there is so much to choose from so it can be overwhelming!

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No problem! Things will fall into place:-)

Thank you so much :)