Just Left For Bootcamp

My boyfriend is in the navy. Our last couple weeks before he left for bootcamp have been amazing. He took me to Disneyland, and gave me a promise ring as the fireworks went off and the fake snow fell. He just left a few days ago. It was a very emotional parting. I wasn't expecting him to cry, but we both just held eachother for a long time and cried our eyes out. After I got into my car he ran to the window as I was still crying and gave me another big kiss. I love him so much, he is the best man I have ever met. I need some advice on how to get through this tough time of not hearing his voice even, I have been writing letter but the petty officer hasn't called me with his address yet. I'm also moving soon to start school and keep busy. after his schooling and bootcamp which is about a year and a half we have plans to move in together for his 4 year base. If anyone has gone through this and has encouraging words or advice anything helps, I'm feeling really down. Every time someone in my family just mentions the situation I burst into tears.
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1 Response Dec 12, 2012

I am in the exact situation, my boyfriend arrived in Chicago the night of December 4. He called me to say our final goodbyes and i love yous then they took his cell phone away. We also have plans to be together when he is done and it sucks to not be in control of that aspect of life. I miss him so much that I'm pretty much depressed. And I hate when people ask me how I'm doing and anything about him because it makes me even more sad, being reminded and then i start to cry. I am doing what you are, going to school and I am generally happier there because I am busy, but when i get home to a lonely bed, no one to call to say goodnight, i cry. I've cried myself to sleep every night but one. It isn't a bad thing to be sad over his lack of presence. We just have to be strong in the presence of others, and remember they are doing this to better our lives with them. The most advice I could give is that when you cry, let it out, but think of happy memory with him and instead of letting it take you and making you sad, just remember how happy you were at that moment and re-feel the happiness. That's what I do. I also take Zzzquil before I sleep so I don't have time to think then cry before I sleep. It also helps me stay asleep. Since he left I can't sleep at all and if I don't take Zzzquil I won't sleep at all. I'm here for you if you need anything, and hey, maybe our boyfriends are together right now talking about us. :] haha