Missing Him Terribly, =[ I Can't Take It

He's only been gone for a week into bootcamp, and as you guys know, they take their phones for 2 months. And he's gunna be away from me for a year and a half total. Idk when we'll see eachother I just know that after that he chooses a 4 year and were moving in together. He gave me a promise ring before he left and we both cried a lot. I feel so lost. We used to spend ever day and night with eachother for such a long time and not being able to even hear his voice or get a goodnight is killing me. I haven't been able to stop crying all the time. What if his feelings fade when he is away. I need another person going through the same thing to talk to. No one understands =[
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I would never give up on him. I have so much faith in him and in us. Its just hard having no sort of contact right now. It makes me feel insecure.

I know how it feels. Hang in there.

Yeah =[ I can't stop crying because i miss him so much.

It is hard, one month he just wrote me twice and no call. Try to keep busy, you are more stronger than you think you are. And I know your boyfriend think of you all the time. I know it's easy to forget that they really are busy. I know you r on his mind. Stay strong!!

Awww if anything I usually see the feelings, especially in young men, grow stronger because they miss their girls back home so much. I've been an army wife for 11 years so I have a lot of experience. If you ever need to talk I'm here :)

Okay, I'm new at this whole lifestyle so I don't really know what to expect. I have written him letters but haven't sent them because I haven't got the address yet. I hope to get it soon. I feel so lonely =[

It's ok. And to warn you, sometimes the letters are slow so don't think he isn't writing back if you dont get a reply quickly because believe me he is ;)

It's a hard lifestyle. But it isn't all bad and after a while you adjust and learn better coping skills!

How do you cope with the hurting and the sadness/extreme missing

Hmm...you don't dwell on it. You keep busy. I have 4 kids so they keep me occupied. But you do other things that make you happy and you remind yourself that you aren't alone. You're both Missing each other immensely and that bring you together. You find support from other women going through the same thing. But the very best coping mechanism is keeping busy, whether its working or volunteering or a hobby. One time web my husband was on a long deployment I ended up on a whim getting a dog ;) he's my snuggle buddy when my husbands away I say. But really. Spending time with friends helps too

Good advice =] I start school jan 16th and am movin in with my brother so that should keep me busy

And being with family helps. Having a good support system is great, and also learning to be independent :)

If it's meant to be it WILL work out is what i keep telling myself.

Thats true. Blaqwidow92 if it is meant to be it will be. Take care of yourself in the meantime and do things that make you happy - he would like that.

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