I Feel Like Im Dying...

Jon just left after being home for 9 days.... All I wanna do is cry I miss him so much already, I seriously feel like he took a huge part of my heart & soul with him.... I want him back already! I miss everything about him!!!! I wanna be back in his arms so bad!! When he left I couldn't help but stare at him in his uniform, he looked so amazing & his pretty blue eyes stood out even more... I need him back home with me.
ArmyGirlfriend12 ArmyGirlfriend12
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5 Responses Dec 15, 2012

Hun, my man was here for 6 days, I waited over a year to see him ...it was magical...I didn't let him see me cry BUT when I drove off, I was sobbing!! I can relate; I can easily cry again ....it's ok & its gonna take time ....cry honey ....because that man has 100% of my heart, miss him so much also ...we are in the same boat ....know we are here, felt, feel the same ...

I know he misses me too he's said it every day that he's been gone, but I still miss him so much it hurts... ): everything reminds me of him... I feel like breaking down & crying. ..

I know exactly how you feel ...& these ladies are right; he's hurting just as much ....it will get better, just give yourself some time ....we are here for you ...

Halfpint92 is right - he misses you like crazy too!

I'm so sorry that's never easy when they leave ;( but you are strong! He misses you just as much as you're missing him! Praying for you! You can get through it!